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Examples of some successful international assignments of recruitment
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Our References

1 ) Key Account Development Manager. GERMANY


The account development manager has created many accounts pertaining to an International Industrial American Leader of goods, suppliers to all kinds of industries. As a result of European expansion, exclusively targeting the automotive and manufacturing industries. The American leader has chosen to strengthen its partnership by creating employment opportunities within the vicinity of its Clients located at Stuttgart, GERMANY

2 ) International Subsidiary Manager. Shanghai, CHINA


The Subsidiary Manager has good business relations with a French Car Manufacturing Company. As being a new division in China, CDSP were assigned to recruit the ideal Candidate, which would qualify the needs of the Client. Our challenge therefore to locate a Candidate that will comprehend to economic and cultural aspects. In addition competent to integrate within a highly competitive environment adapting the legalisations of the Chinese way of life. CDSP found the ideal Candidate; as a result the Client today has guaranteed the highest quality of global policy throughout China.


3 ) International Subsidiary Manager. SPAIN


Our Client in Spain, objective is to ensure continual relations amongst its Clients. Due to geographic expansion, our Client wishes to establish additional residence in the Iberian market by creating a new subsidiary in the northwest part of the country. The proposed Candidate; should have previous engaged posts in Spain and should possess depth knowledge in relation to the local industry, and prior B2B Client relations.


4 ) Subsidiary Sales Manager. EUROPE / USA


In relation to reference (1), with continual European growth and the success in Stuttgart, GERMANY. The Client maintains focus on the European market and has agreed to create a new post in France. The proposed post is to create additional subsidiary in Europe. Given that CDSP previously fulfilled the Client’s needs, we were invited again to find another Candidate, who is highly competent within the automotive and manufacturing industries, who is the main person to manage important projects and understand the processes within the R&D department. Prior the technical competences, the Candidate is required to sustain new accounts, increase revenue and organise the workforce i.e. Technicians, Engineers and Sales consultants.


5 ) Tests and Commissioning Manager. FRANCE


The test and commissioning manager, specialises in automatism currently caters for the specialised industrial engineering division. The development department at industrial engineering is engaged with a project with Paris Airport (ADP – Roissy CDG). Our Client would like to recruit an automatism engineer, who can demonstrate negotiation skills independently and dependently with Clients and Suppliers thereby displaying strong communication skills representing the division externally.


6 ) Branch Manager. FRANCE (North)


Due to expansion, the an industrial group which specialises in designing automatic systems, has the need to recruit a Branch Manager that will support a production unit consisting of 50 employees (assembling equipment via welding), located at the north of France. CDSP were contacted to find a Candidate, who possesses excellent managerial skills, who has the ability to work independently and liase with Head office. The ideal Candidate is able to communicate in professional English and capacity to manage the unit creating real-time profit.


7 ) R&D Project Manager. France (IDF)


With reference to (6), the Client has re-defined the strategy for the R&D department therefore it has been identified a need for an R&D Project Manager, expert in motor engines (step by step & “ brocheless” method). The new strategy should integrate efficiently into the existing department with aims to create a competitive environment. The post requires a person who is flexible, willing to relocate worldwide possess strong language skills in English and German. The ideal Candidate holds the aptitude to select subcontractors and create a list of suppliers that are highly beneficial to the organization.


8 ) Corporate Manager. UNITED KINGDOM.


A four star hotel based in London currently develops and displays various range of products on offer to potential Clients. The need has arisen to recruit a Corporate Manager, whose main responsibility is to create new products and packaging addressing Institutional Clients (clients based upon an international level). In addition to sustain, create new partnerships with other hotels throughout the major European cities.


9 ) Head of Studies for Language Universities. UNITED KINGDOM.


A UK based International University language centre, which offers intensive learning courses and prolonged stay in England, tailored for executive managers, professionals and MBA students. Has the need to recruit two Director of Studies facilitating the centres at London and Bristol. CDSP has the task to allocate the right Candidates. The ideal Candidates possesses proven experiences as executive managers relating to the finance are and must be fluent in two other European languages.


10 ) Project Manager Stamping Process. IRAN


A French car industrial manufacturing company based in Iran is engaged to construct automobiles covering the French and Iranian market. An immediate demand arose to recruit a local based project manager, expert in stamping processes with the experiences in exports. Due to the nature of role, the project manager requires strong competences to liase with clients in relation to automobile industries and the ability to sustain results, elevate growth both financially and technically.


11 ) Claims Manager. LAOS


An international service company leader of the French market develops hydroelectric dams in LOAS, works closely with the management team responsible for claims. The programme is at pilot phase sponsored by a French institution. The claims manager is responsible to analyse all technical, economical issues, and legalisation of contracts that are approved throughout the process. The Client seeks an ideal Candidate who has previously engaged in similar projects. The project is aimed to operate for five years.


12 ) Director of Manufacturing Operations. CZECH REPUBLIC


An industry specialises in assembly line operations, focuses its expertise to automate manufacturing assembly lines, is presently in partnership with an automobile construction company. Requires a Candidate to supervise and coordinate the project. Other duties entail to facilitate and supplement the existing development division, lead the local agency validate our Clients’ suppliers that have active roles and supervise all project interventions. In addition the Candidate must demonstrate techniques to enhance profitable revenues beneficial for the agency in Eastern Europe.