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All our missions can be accommodated in different languages : Arabic, English, French, German, or Spanish

Our philosophy

1 ) The problems and issues of the manager

- Globalisation of markets, influencing and conducting the enterprise (concurrence,
  potential markets &outsourcing).
- Higher Client expectations (price, quality, service & constraints )
- Organization of the enterprise, flexibility and new planning.
- ‘The Population Pyramid’ problematic and how to create new resources.
- The approach, how the young audience envisages the market, is perhaps disconcerting.
- To be aware of the enterprise specifics, and provide continual knowledge transfer.
- My enterprise has to attract ‘new talents’ and maintain them.
- There are only 24 hours in a day!!!
- The isolation of the Manager!
- A ‘take-over’ may induce many risks and operational factors.


2 ) Our approach regarding the ways of collaboration

- Developing a confidence relation with our Client, based upon our previous successful missions.
- To understand the global issues of the manager and provide our expertise on different subjects
  (markets, commercial activities, organisation, outsourcing, investments & recruitment).
- To encapsulate our vision of success.:
- An ‘on-going’ participative stage of progress in the company according to principle MAEVA .
- To apply techniques and methods of analysis and resolution of problems : Hishikawa, Pareto, Cost Analysis, 5S, Open System Model, World Class Organisation, model customer/supplier .
- To be the referenced consulting one, for the potential management of transition mission.

3 ) CDSP proposal

- Market Analysis
- Auditing of organisations.
- Definition of strategies : manufacturing industry, commercial activity,
  organisations, outsourcing, & investments.
- Recruitment (reference to our recruitment section)
- Measure of performance and progress plans.
- Management transition

Description of the position