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Examples of some successful international assignments of recruitment
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About building work and construction

Market Analysis

1 ) Manufacture of metal frames in Romania


Market analysis of the manufacturing of metal frames in Romania on behalf of a French Industrial Company. To diversify production means, this company entrusted us to analyse, for the first time, the countries emerging in this area. And it is following this that they chose to turn them towards Romania and create a specific project there.


2 ) Housing construction in Morocco


Study of the housing construction market in Morocco including social housing, within an interdepartmental framework in conjunction with France and Morocco. Capitalising on the interest in translating a French industrial technological conception of individual houses.


3 ) Analysis of the construction market in Brazil


Study of the Brazilian construction market building individual houses to address the issue of the disadvantaged sections of the population currently living in “Favelas.” The analysis of existing offers on the market to define a suitable product. This project is run by a partnership between the World No. 1 metal industry and the leading French housing company.


Organization (Audit)

1 ) National technical management of a individual housing
     construction company


(Audit) of the existing) and improvement needs of the Parisian company within the group. Proposition of a set up based on the “World Class Organisation” model which emerged by structuring and trade marking the activity, and by putting in place a logical project.


2 ) The Concrete Elements


Organisation (audit) of three French units of production. Definition of these new groups and outlining their priorities.


3 ) (Audit) and creation of customer services


Internal organisation (audit) of a company manufacturing metal frames by creating customer services in a logical “supply chain.”


Definitions of Strategies

1 ) Subcontractors of industrial drawings in Morocco


As part of a changing logic and optimisation in costs, the putting in place of a plan of subcontractors in Morocco.


2 ) Bringing together of two leading French industries, a steel manufacturer
     and a Housing construction company, having the construction
     of individual houses made from metal frames certificate.

3 ) Creation of a factory for the manufacture of concrete construction material


The creation of this factory was necessary to facilitate the arrival of new shareholders within the group.


Performance measures and plans for future progress


Factory manufacturing concrete parts, setting of a progressive step under MAEVA (Measure of performance, Analysis, Evaluation of solutions and Validations).

Productivity has gone from 130 kg/h to 250 kg/h in two years without any significant investment and the cost of production has fallen by 20%.


Transition Management

1 ) Factory for the mass production of metal frames


Handling the position of Manager of the group in the expectation of the arrival of new shareholders.


2 ) Individual housing construction


Intervention as purchase manager. Setting up of a sales strategy adapted to the context. Minimum gains of 10% on sales for the studied dossiers. Leader of opinion positioning with a very low influence on the market.


3 ) International Development of a constructive industrial system for
     individual housing.


Intervention as Commercial Export Manager with the client. Evaluating prospects on the Moroccan, Spanish, Emirates, Czech, Dutch, Lebanese and Chinese markets.


About the Industry of Luxury and Tourism

Market analysis

1 ) Creation of new language centres in Italy, Germany and Austria


Market analysis for the creation of new language centres on behalf of an organisation of international professional language teachers programme aimed at executive managers, professionals and MBA students, all needing training (tantôt) through an intensive learning course by a prolonged stay in the country. As part of the strategy to vary the destinations, we were requested to conduct a (feasibility) study in the area for the future creation of new centres offering a complete choice: language courses done by professionals; personal infrastructure during the classes; adequate housing for the programme and the clients, potential tourism and local culture linked to the teaching programme.


2 ) Creation of a new 4star château-hotels in Provincial France and Italy


Our client wants a particular product: château-hotels with a minimum of 200ha of land offering a limited number of suites (30ish) and all having the facilities required at that level of demand: private golf club (6 to 18 holes), horse riding with a riding school, polo pitch, private jet runway, cooking lessons in Bordeaux cuisine, etc.
In order to offer new destinations in France and in the Tuscany region, we were asked to evaluate the potential of the reconversion of new castles already chosen, both on the structural and financial sides.


Organization (Audit)

1 ) Organisation (audit) of language centres in the United Kingdom


Organisation audit of four language centres on behalf of an organisation of an international professional language-teaching programme aimed at executive managers, professionals and MBA students, all needing training (tantôt) through an intensive learning course by a prolonged stay in the country.
At the request of our client, we have re-evaluated the existing teaching programmes, as well as the updating of selected tourism sites. All helped define of the new organisations and the priorities. The sites involved: London, Oxford, Cambridge, Bristol and Brighton.


2 ) (Audit) and creation of a new VIP service within the department


Organisation audit of a sales department in international language trip leading on the recommendation and the creation of a distinct service for VIP clients, service giving suitable facilities (welcoming and transfer to airports with private cars, etc.)