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About building work and construction


Market Analysis

1 ) Manufacture of metal frames in Romania

2 ) Housing construction in Morocco

3 ) Analysis of the construction market in Brazil


Organization (Audit)

1 ) National technical management of a individual housing
     construction company

2 ) The Concrete Elements

3 ) (Audit) and creation of customer services


Definitions of Strategies

1 ) Subcontractors of industrial drawings in Morocco

2 ) Bringing together of two leading French industries, a steel manufacturer
     and a Housing construction company, having the construction
     of individual houses made from metal frames certificate.

3 ) Creation of a factory for the manufacture of concrete
     construction material


Performance measures and plans for future progress

Transition Management

1 ) Factory for the mass production of metal frames

2 ) Individual housing construction

3 ) International Development of a constructive industrial system for
     individual housing.


About the Industry of Luxury and Tourism


Market analysis

1 ) Creation of new language centres in Italy, Germany and Austria

2 ) Creation of a new 4star château-hotels in Provincial France and Italy


Organization (Audit)

1 ) Organisation (audit) of language centres in the United Kingdom

2 ) (Audit) and creation of a new VIP service within the department